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Business Case 1 – Change the sales culture of a Bank

In the mid of a depressive bearish market, a Private Bank had to face a triple challenge : address the the “New Money” market, increase the average portfolio volume by dynamising the sales force, prepare people to new corporate rules & standards.
FOXROAD was asked to

  • Assess Asset Managers (Sales & Advisers)
  • Develop and implement an in depth training aiming to leave “the traditional reactive sales approach “ and adopt a “necessary pro-active sale approach” and coached the client in the implementation phases.


Business Case 2 – Reengineering the internal processes

Our client, a major bank in Belgium, wanted to improve internal communication and efficiency. FOXROAD was requested to analyse the internal processes of the private banking department and to achieve the requirements of this assignment: efficiency and customer satisfaction. FOXROAD subsequently designed specific internal procedures and recommendations and participated in its implementation. This mission was highly strategic as it concerned direct internal strengths.

Business Case 3 – Finding new forces to address the market

In the recent past, one of our IT client concluded it required a partner to approach the private market better. Although having a strong experience within the institutional market, the client faced increasing difficulties in the private market. The situation indicated a risk of not being able to meet client needs. The client asked FOXROAD to search for a potential partner in order to assure further development.
FOXROAD therefore analysed the internal company-situation (business audit) and provided the client with business recommendations. We subsequently identified potential partners and selected the appropriate candidate, together with our client. Throughout this project, FOXROAD was deeply involved in the management decisions as an experienced and reliable professional.

Business Case 4 – Acquiring a company, developping a new sales channel

Willing to expand its activities in Luxembourg, a european player of the IT world asked FOXROAD to identify potential companies that could be acquired. The purchase of an existing and complementary activity would allow our customer to easier and quicker conquest the market. FOXROAD thus identified companies, analysed their business strengths and selected the most appropriate ones.

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