business development

Business Case 1 – Entering a new market

Our client, a major Banking software company, requested FOXROAD to assist it in the definition of a strategy to penetrate a new market. Our mission was based around 3 axes:

  • An analysis of the opportunities and threats of the business objectives and a definition of a business plan for this market.
  • The search of a local branch manager
  • The definition of a marketing and communication plan and its execution.
  • An active prospection in order to generate business leads.

Business Case 2 – Sales channel reengineering

Our client, one of the top HW providers in the world decided to reorganize its indirect sales channel.
FOXROAD was appointed to define, in intensive collaboration with the client, a new strategy to strengthen its market position. By applying its strong local market knowledge and by analysing the current situation, FOXROAD could propose new partners to collaborate with. A new channel strategy was commonly defined to achieve the business objectives of the assignment: to develop indirect sales channel business.

Business Case 3 – Development of image and business

FOXROAD assisted a major HW renting company in improving its image impact and its business.
After analysing the position of our client in terms of strengths, weaknesses as well as opportunities and threats, we defined an action plan:

  • A marketing campaign was initiated in the local press to establish and to improve our client ’s image.
  • An active prospecting action was conducted, with positive results.

Business Case 4 – Validate a new business

An alternative telecommunication operator, delivering telephone and Internet services essentially to companies, decided to address the residential market however almost entirely under the control of the historical operator. FOXROAD was asked to analyze the potential market and to define means and forces that would be necessary to achieve the company objectives. FOXROAD recommended to:

  • Develop and implement a Marketing and Communication plan to create awareness ;
  • Select adequate distribution partner(s) based on its recommendations on efficient distribution channels;
  • Assess the operator people to detect weaknesses and improve internal organization in order to support this new market goal.

and coached the client in the implementation phases.

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